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    Bangor OB/GYN is a private medical practice dedicated to providing exceptional gynecological and obstetrical care in Bangor, ME. We love caring for you, and it shows.

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    When you are pregnant, you want the best care possible for you and your baby. At Bangor OB/GYN we are dedicated to providing you with the tools for a happy, healthy, stress-free pregnancy.

You’re a part of our family at Bangor OB/GYN

We treat each one of our patients like family, with dignity and respect. Each patient will receive premium health care, focused and tailored to her clinical needs and life circumstances, and she will depart with the warm feeling that we are indeed her partners in managing her health.

We are committed to teaching the next generation of care providers.

There is a crisis in the world of medicine, and it is not just in finance. There is a crisis in medical education.

Brand-new health professionals are graduating with passing scores on tests, but without the skills to treat patients like real people. Some specialty societies are concerned that physicians are taught how to follow a management protocol, but they have undeveloped interpersonal skills.

A person can learn about pills and procedures from a book. Learning how to treat people like people must be learned in the exam room, and at the bedside, through mentoring and role modeling. Students must learn how to really listen, to recognize that a woman knows her own body best and to take her word at face value.

Bangor OB/GYN is committed to teaching and demonstrating the art of medicine, showing how to add caring to healthcare. We work with student doctors, student nurses, and occasionally student PAs. We deeply appreciate our patients’ participation in this education process. Our students are grateful also, because so often they are dismissed and excluded simply because they are students.

If you find that you are unable or unwilling to allow students to participate in your healthcare at Bangor OB/GYN, then you may well be more comfortable seeking healthcare at a different office. If you have records to transfer, please provide a signed authorization and we will transfer those records to the office of your choice.

I hope you will stay with us. It is so vitally important to teach how to add caring to healthcare. Thank you very much.

Paul N Smith MD, FACOG

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