A Wonderful Experience

One of the most exciting times in my life was during my pregnancy. I had to begin planning and preparing for a life changing event, parenthood. I wanted everything about my pregnancy to be perfect for my baby. This was my first pregnancy and did not know where to begin, although I did know that I needed to find an obstetrician. Both of my older sisters already had children and were patients of Dr. Paul Smith at Bangor OB/GYN. My sisters spoke highly of this practice and of the care they received throughout their pregnancy. Therefore, I decided to become a patient at Bangor OB/GYN and was delighted with my decision.

Right from the first office visit and greeting from Dr. Smith, I began to feel at ease. All of the staff was very friendly and considerate. The secretaries at the front desk always had a smile on their faces and after our first appointment, they always greeted my husband and I by our first names and asked how we were doing. Also the staff was organized and efficient. They realized that our time was important too and managed to have us in and out of the office in a reasonable amount of time. We never spent any amount of time just waiting. The medical assistant that took my vitals always answered our questions and we never felt rushed or shortchanged. Dr. Smith made light of situations that most would consider uncomfortable by using his witty and personable personality and experience. I never once felt uncomfortable. He always sat down and engaged in conversation with my husband and me. He asked if we had questions at the beginning and end of every appointment and made sure we understood the information he provided. He made suggestions based on research and knowledge, as well as, shared personal experiences when decisions needed to be made, but ultimately left the final decisions up to us. We made what we believed to be the best decisions for our baby given the information provided. I am happy to say we have no regrets.

Bangor OB/GYN was recommended to me and I would love to pass on this wonderful experience I had to any mom-to-be by also recommending this practice. After delivering my baby girl, I remained as a patient for GYN services and plan for OB services again in the near future.


Bangor, Maine

Dr. Smith and the entire staff at Bangor OB/GYN are fantastic!! They truly care about their patients and really listen when you have concerns. Thanks to Dr. Smith I was able to not only deliver my 2nd VBAC baby successfully, but I was able to deliver her breech when most other physicians would have required a repeat c/section. Dr. Smith took the time to review my delivery options, detailed both the risks and benefits, took my concerns to heart, and helped me feel confident in the decision we made. Dr. Smith is a truly dedicated physician, compassionate and understanding to the needs of both Mom and Baby and these attributes are shown by all in the office! Thank you Dr. Smith and Dr. Simmons for a truly memorable experience and my healthy baby girl!


He is the best doctor of any type I have ever been to. He respects his patients as people and listens to her concerns. He believes you when you say something doesn't feel right. He is a wonderful person and his philosophy on patient care is carried out by everyone in the office. I actually missed having appointments after the birth of my children. They are the best!


Personal Service

Thanks to this office, I was able to carry out a normal, healthy pregnancy which I was told I couldn't have by other doctors because I am a plus size young lady. They made sure to get to know who I was, and how I wanted to carry out my pregnancy. Especially my very sweet nurse, Robin I was very happy to know that I was being heard and all questions were being answered, both on a professional and personal level. I was never forced into an inducement which was my biggest fear, so at 42 weeks when my son finally decided to break my water at 4 am we called the office and talked to a very sleepy but excited Lindsey who called ahead to EMMC to let them know we were on our way to have a baby! We drove the hour and 15 minutes down to Bangor where I was immediately taken care of. I was hooked up to the monitors and had an ultrasound to show that unfortunately my sons head was to big and wouldn't be able to fit down my birth canal so after a very hard decision I had to have a c-section (my worst fear) but Dr. Smith was amazing and made sure I was comfortable the whole way through! After having Jaxon he checked on me and my new family many times in our room! Thank you, Bangor OBGYN, and we will truly miss you as my own womens' health care takers and future pregnancies as we are moving to Colorado this summer! We may just have to fly back for appointments.


Trust In My Doctor

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had my first pregnancy with Bangor OB/GYN. The staff made it a journey that I will never forget. It is truly the little things that count.

The office staff was always kind and accommodating. I had a very difficult schedule, but they were always willing to find a day and time that would work for me. They never made me feel like an inconvenience.

Strange to say, but I actually looked forward to my visits at Bangor OB/GYN. Everyone I met with was friendly and shared my enthusiasm for the pregnancy. They kept me informed of what was going on, and also helped keep me positive when things were not perfect. I love that their policy is to be cautious, rather than assuming that everything is probably fine.

My hospital stay was filled with ups and downs, but I always felt confident that everything would be okay. I just wanted my baby safe, and I knew Dr. Smith wanted that too. He said that a C-section was the best course of action, and I trusted him. I have never had that kind of trust in a doctor. I am so grateful for everything that he does.


Professional and Kind

Jen McKenney, FNP is thorough, professional, courteous, and kind. What an asset to the practice!


Bangor, Maine

Amazing Staff

Jen Dr. Smith, Dr. Boley, and ALL of the staff were so amazing during and after my pregnancy. Thanks to you all, little miss Tegan made a safe entrance to the world!


Bangor OB/GYN is the BEST!!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!


Loved my experience with everyone there. Dr. Smith was excellent and made us feel so comfortable through delivery!


Love Dr. Smith and the entire staff at Bangor OB/GYN - I would never go anywhere else and 100% recommend them!


Amazing Staff

My doctors were absolutely amazing I felt so safe and so cared about. My pregnancy and labor was very difficult and they were there for me every step of the way. Eased my anxiety with their amazing personalities. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else but there.

Phenomenal Care

The care I have received from everyone at this practice has been phenomenal. The front desk, the billing office, the sonographers, nurses, and every doctor at this practice far exceeds any expectations I could have had. Dr. Biz has been by our side through four losses and, together with Dr. Smith, they have guided us through the journey with grace and respect. I'm happy to say that I am pregnant and due in the next few weeks. Every provider here has told me from the beginning that if I need anything at all, have a question or concern, or need someone to talk to I can call them.

S. J.